Spring Registration Information

Registration is accepted on a first come, first serve basis and we could fill up before the deadline, so please register as soon as possible.

$50 of your registration fee will act as a nonrefundable deposit. If you enter the program, it will be put towards your lesson fees. If you choose to withdraw, you will be refunded the cost of your registration fee minus the $50 deposit.

Deadline for Spring Registration is Saturday, November 16th.

Adaptive Riding (formerly Therapeutic Riding)

Saddle Up’s Adaptive Riding program is a year-round program where children from the age of 4 through their 19th birthday get to work on their mounted and unmounted horsemanship skills. Participants are assigned to a weekly lesson led by a PATH International Certified Instructor. Lessons can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour and can include up to 4 participants.

Provisional Riders

If your child is still on the waitlist and you would like to register for the upcoming schedule, the available ride times are between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm Monday through Friday. Please choose Provisional Adaptive Riding Lessons at check out. This information should have been listed in the registration email title. More availability being listed will mean a greater chance of finding an appropriate ride time for your child.

Therapy Services

Saddle Up!’s Therapy Services (TS) offers physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech-language therapy that incorporates equine movement as a treatment strategy. Therapy Services treats client’s with disabilities as young as 2 years old. No evening or Saturday therapy appointments available.

Interactive Vaulting

Fridays at 4:30 pm

Saddle Up!’s Interactive Vaulting program is an equine-assisted activity where participants perform movements on and around the horse while the horse is being lunged on a circle. During a lesson, our PATH International Certified Vaulting Instructor directs vaulters to interact with each other and their horse in many different ways in order to foster teamwork, teach respect for the horse, foster independence, build confidence, and encourage social interaction. To be eligible, participants must be able to ambulate independently without any assistive devices. Participants must also be able to follow directions willingly and to work as a team to support other vaulters during the lesson.

Alumni Transitions

Thursdays at 10:30 am or 12:30 pm

Saddle Up!’s Alumni Transitions (AT) program is for Saddle Up! Graduates where they continue their Adaptive Riding education and combine it with vocational and job skills to enhance their quality of life and community impact. During a lesson, our PATH International Certified Instructor will lead graduates in a 1.5 hour lesson that includes grooming, tacking, riding, and vocational skills. Our Alumni Transitions program serves youth with disabilities from the age of 19 through their 24th birthday.



Registration for this event has now ended.
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