PATH Intl. Interactive Vaulting
On-Site Workshop and Certification

Deadline for registration for the Interactive Vaulting Workshop and/or Certification is August 30, 2019. That is a FIRM deadline.

On-Site Interactive Vaulting Workshop
October 9-11, 2019
Limited to 9 participants
PATH International Evaluators:
Gisela Heimsath-Rhodes
PATH Intl. Interactive Vaulting Evaluator & Instructor
PATH Intl. Advanced Therapeutic Riding Instructor
Lorri Renker
PATH Intl. Interactive Vaulting Evaluator & Instructor
PATH Intl. Master Therapeutic Riding Instructor

On-Site Interactive Vaulting Certification
October 12, 2019
Limited to 6 participants
Hosted By:
Saddle Up!
1549 Old Hillsboro Rd
Franklin, TN 37069
(615) 794-1150 office
(615) 794-7973 fax

The Interactive Vaulting Workshop is a prerequisite for PATH INTL Certification in Interactive Vaulting.
The workshop CAN NOT be completely consecutively with the certification, but having a refresher before certifying is never a bad idea. To attend the workshop, no prior experience in Interactive Vaulting is required. The AUDIT option for the workshop does NOT provide any credit towards the certification. Only observation is allowed for auditors, no hands-on participation.
This Interactive Vaulting workshop is a hands-on learning experience and will cover everything you need to know!
Information covered in the Interactive Vaulting Workshop includes:

  • Example Vaulting Lesson presented by the faculty
  • Lunging Exercises and Practice
  • Vaulting and Lunging Equipment
  • Selecting and Training the Vaulting Horse
  • Lesson Planning and Practice
  • Standards relating to Interactive Vaulting
  • How Interactive Vaulting can expand your Services and Maximize your Resources
  • And More!

Information about PATH Interactive Vaulting Certification
Pre-requisites for attending the Interactive Vaulting Certification include…

  • Be a current PATH Intl. Certified Riding Instructor (Registered, Advanced or Master level)
  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • Complete a PATH Intl. Interactive Vaulting Workshop (cannot be completed consecutively with certification)

Additional Criteria:

  • Have attended PATH Intl. Interactive Vaulting Workshop (within two years of application date)
  • Have completed a minimum of 50 practice hours to include:
  • 20 hours teaching Interactive Vaulting
  • 30 hours lungeing (You may not count hours twice, i.e. teaching hours cannot be counted for lungeing hours.)

For more information about the process for the PATH Intl. Interactive Vaulting Workshop and Certification visit here

Important Registration Information:

  • Registration is processed on a first come, first serve basis once ALL completed paperwork has been submitted.
  • There is a Late Registration Fee of $100 for any registrations received after August 30, 2019. The late fee is non-refundable in the event the candidate withdraws.
  • A 2nd set of paperwork will be sent out following receipt of full registration (including fees and proper documentation).
  • Missing paperwork may result in additional fees or prevent a candidate from attending the Interactive Vaulting Workshop and/or Certification.
  • Cancellation Policy: If cancellation occurs BEFORE or on August 30, 2019 there will be a $100.00 processing fee charged to the applicant. If cancellation occurs AFTER August 30, 2019 no more than ½ of the registration fee will be returned to the applicant.
  • Any forms can be mailed or faxed to Saddle Up! Address:
    Saddle Up! Attn: Workshop/Certification,
    1549 Old Hillsboro Road, Franklin, TN 37069.
    Fax # (615) 794-7973.

For additional information about the Interactive Vaulting workshop, certification, or to register, contact Saddle Up! Program Director, Lindsey Wood, at or (615) 794-1150 x240.


Registration for this event has now ended.
Please contact Sarah Chenevert for more information.
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